HF amplifier EB104 600W

28.01.2012 19:33

This push-pull/parallel circuit produces a power output of 600 watts across the 2 to 30 MHz band using four RF devices without the added loss and cost of power splitters and combiners. Motorola MRF150 RF power FET makes it possible to parallel two or more devices a relatively high power levels. This amplifier can be operated from supply voltages of 40 to 50 volts depending on linerarity requirements. The bias for each device is independently adjustable, therefore no matching is required for the gate threshold voltages.

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Frequency Range

2-30 MHz

RF Input Power

6 Watts

RF Output Power

600 Watts

DC Input Voltage

40 to 50 Volts

DC Input Current 18 to 20 Amps


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