New face for 144MHz 350W PA

25.12.2019 23:46
I completely replaced the analog measurement. Now I use Arduino for on system board and LCD meter

VHF Amplifier 144MHz 2kW MRF6VP11KH

11.06.2012 21:44
1000 Watt amplifier  for 144  146 MHZ, with  MRF6V11KH mosfet. Specificaties: Adjustable bias for class A/B and Class C operation (FM or SSB), VCC: 50 Volts Current : 30A Max, Input Power: 5 Watt (max 7 Watt in FM mode bias 250ma) efficiency @ 1000 Watt: +/- 77% with 5 Watt...

VHF Amplifier 144MHz 350W

29.01.2012 23:04
Italian Technology Broadcast 350MOD144 FEBRUARY 01 – 2007 second edition Developed and designed for Broadcast applications, this amplifier incorporates micro strip and MOSFET technology to guarantee 700, 1000, 1400, 2000 and above output power if appropriately coupled. Its high efficiency...

HF amplifier AR347 1,2kW

29.01.2012 13:54
      AR347 1000 WATT 2-50 MHZ AMPLIFIER This amplifier design covers frequencies from 2 to 50 Mhz with a power output level of 1000 watts using RF power MOSFETs. The MRF154 used in this design is considered as a state...

HF amplifier EB104 600W

28.01.2012 19:33
This push-pull/parallel circuit produces a power output of 600 watts across the 2 to 30 MHz band using four RF devices without the added loss and cost of power splitters and combiners. Motorola MRF150 RF power FET makes it possible to parallel two or more devices a relatively high power levels....